Nation of Christ is an in-depth guide to applying the Word of God and the doctrine of His Holy Church to living a Christian life, even in the fact of secularization and opposition. It builds on Sacred Scripture and the words of Saints, Popes, and theologians to provide pastoral advice that is both timeless and relevant for the modern era.

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Daring to be Christian is a journey deep into our own spirituality and an exploration of the inner-most regions of our faith. Christianity is a faith of constant renewal and conversion, beginning with our baptism and continuing throughout our lives. Drawing on the truth of Sacred Scripture and the words and examples of the Saints themselves, Daring to be Christian is a guide through the joys and tribulations of those who have the courage to live a truly Christian life.

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An Incidental Priest is about being one of many people, but still making a difference and still making your life count. The book talks about the concept of a priest, one of so many in the Church over the past two thousand years, who is always there for those who need him. This is the incidental priest, an archetype for humble Christian service towards others, guiding the faithful on their spiritual journeys. Though this incidental priest may be one of many, he still serves a vital role in the world. Drawing from the pastoral writings, sermons, and personal experiences of the author, some of the most essential and difficult issues of modern society are discussed, always cycling back to the incidental priest’s example of selfless service and love towards others. An Incidental Priest strives for the idea of what it means to live as a true Christian in modern society.

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A Preparatory Education tackles the tough question of how to ensure values remain in our schools.

There is no denying the fundamental importance of a proper education for children. Both the individual and society benefit from the foundation that can come only from a good education. A school’s mission, purpose, and direction are of utmost importance in producing competent graduates ready to lead a life filled with meaning and purpose. A Preparatory Education is an exploration of the Christian philosophy of education and its application to college preparatory schools. The model of a Christ-centered totality of education is applied to all aspects of school programs at the primary and secondary level, looking especially at the role of a preparatory school both in the overall system of education and in achieving growth in the Faith.

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This book, representing over a decade of work, was written with the intent of providing a concise and complete resource for Anglo-Catholic clergy. Grounded in the history and tradition of the liturgy of the Church, How to Say Mass in the Anglican Rite contains hundreds of diagrams and drawings. Included are detailed guides for low mass, high mass, and sung mass, both celebrated by a priest and by a bishop. Also in this book are guides for requiem masses, nuptial and ordination masses, and the rites of Holy Week (all with diagrams). Notes on what to do when celebrating without a server or when celebrating alone are included. This book is written with the intent of helping all clergy grow in their love of liturgy as a means of conveying spiritual truth to the faithful and helping them grow in their spiritual journey.

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The Anglican Patriarchate (Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church) is an ecclesiastical sovereignty by right of Rome with an independent government in special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Additionally, we descend from the See of Utrecht, which was granted autonomy in 1145 by Pope Eugene III and confirmed in 1520 by Pope Leo X in the Bull Debitum Pastoralis, this right becoming known as the Leonine Privilege. As the sole successor of Pope Leo X and temporal successor of St. Peter the Apostle in Italy and Britain, the Patriarchate is fully Catholic and holds the same canonical authority as the Roman Communion (Vatican). The Patriarchate is the ecclesiastical successor to temporal Rome, the temporal patrimony of the Roman Empire claimed historically by right of the papacy. The succession passed to the Patriarchate after Benedict XVI by right of Rome and Florence, with the Archfather (Bishop of St. Stephen) with papal authority as temporal successor of St. Peter, and the Pope (Bishop of Rome) as spiritual successor of St. Peter and de facto sovereign of the Vatican City-State.