Papa Rutherford (Cardinal Johnson) has given presentations at academic conferences, government meetings, and private events in Europe, the United States, and Asia on topics including religion, moral theology, economics, economic ethics, geospatial analysis, human behavior, decision making, strategic interaction, and the Global Financial Crisis. The Archfather has also served on organizing and scientific committees of international conferences.

Conference Chair

West East Institute International Academic Conference. Montréal, Canada. October 2019.

West East Institute International Academic Conference. Harvard Faculty Club. Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. July/August 2019.

West East Institute International Academic Conference. Harvard Faculty Club. Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. August 2018.

Academic Conference Presentations

Rutherford Card. Johnson, Oxana Wieland, and Abdulaziz Ahmed. "Reflective Learning:�"Assessment�Benefits of the Student Experience at the Global Case Competition at Harvard." Indiana University Purdue University Assessment Institute Annual Conference. Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. October 2018.

Rutherford Card. Johnson and Eddie Walker II. "Parallel Rationality in Market Segmentation vs Transaction: An Example in Recreational Markets and Land Use." West East Institute International Academic Conference. Harvard Faculty Club. Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. August 2018.

Walker II, E. G., Johnson, R. C., & Jones, M. D. "Differences among Northwest Minnesota residents and non-residents in willingness to pay for regional recreational activities." 2018 National Outdoor Recreation Conference: Building Resilient Communities, Environments, and Economies, Burlington, VT. April 2018.

Rutherford Card. Johnson and Eddie Walker II. "International Implications of �Relationship Markets� between Hospitality Operations and Private Land Owners considered from the standpoint of Economic Parallel Rationality." AABRI International Conference, San Antonio, USA. March 2018.

Oxana Wieland, Rutherford Card. Johnson, and Abdulaziz Ahmed. "Reflective Learning: The Harvard Global Case Competition as a Student Retention Experience." ACBSP Regional Conference. Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. October 2017.

Rutherford Card. Johnson and Eddie Walker, II. "Canadians Flying South for Recreation? A Survey-Based Attribute Valuation Analysis in Northwest Minnesota." 4th International Conference on Economics, Society and Management. Toronto, ON. September 2017.
(Received award for best presentation in economics and marketing.)

Rutherford Card. Johnson. "Incorporating a Geocultural Dimension in Classroom Education." 2017 Annual Meeting of the ACBSP. Anaheim, California.

Rutherford Card. Johnson. "Beyond One-Size-Fits All: Teaching in a Multicultural Classroom." 2017 Teaching Professor Conference. St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

Johnson, Rutherford Card. "A Multipoint Gravitational Model Expression of a Subconscious Transactional Analysis Game." 2016 International Academic Conference on Business. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Johnson, Rutherford Card. "Choice Waves and Strategic Interaction." AABRI International Academic Conference. Albuquerque, New Mexico. 2016.

Johnson, Rutherford Card. "Poverty and Wealth: Moral Issues in the Global Financial Crisis." West East Institute International Academic Conference at Harvard University. Cambridge, Massachusetts. August 2016.

Johnson, Rutherford Card. "Geo-Cultural and Legal Insights into the Ongoing Debates within the Roman and Anglican Communions." West East Institute International Academic Conference. Barcelona, Spain. March 2016.

Johnson, Rutherford Card. "Pasta and Kimchi: Cultural Insight into Italy and Korea." Professional Development Day Seminar. University of Minnesota Crookston. October 2015.

Johnson, Rutherford Card. "A Spatial Economic Analysis of Potential Contributing Factors to Recent Declines in Church Giving in the United States." Annual Conference of the Southeastern Division of the American Association of Geographers. Athens, Georgia. November 2014.

Johnson, Rutherford Card. "Executive Talk on Advancing Charitable Giving and Service." Executive Conference on Charitable Giving. Raleigh. November 2014.

Johnson, Rutherford. "Excessive Affluence and Its Potential Contribution to an Economic Crisis." American Economics Association annual meeting. Atlanta. January 2010.

Johnson, Rutherford. "The Loss of Religious Values Following "Excessive Affluence" and Its Potential Contribution to an Economic Crisis." China Taiwan Trans-Sea Economics and Finance Conference. Suzhou, China. May 2009.

Wuyang Hu, Rutherford Johnson, Angelos Pagoulatos, and David Debertin "Response to General Health Information in the Food Industry: A Panel Case Study in the Domestic Cracker Market." Food Distribution Research Society Conference. 2008; Kentucky Economics Association Conference. 2007.

Johnson, Rutherford. "An Assessment of Probabilistic Demand for the Private Label Cracker Market." Faculty Seminar. California Polytechnics State University. May 2007.

Johnson, Rutherford, Steven Vickner, Angelos Pagoulatos, David Debertin. "Probabilistic Consumer Health Choice: A Case Study in Trans Fatty Acids." Kentucky Economic Association, October 2006.

Johnson, Rutherford, Steven Vickner, Angelos Pagoulatos, David Debertin. "Health Media Coverage and Consumer Choice: A Panel Data Econometric Analysis of the Domestic Cracker Market." Selected paper at the AAEA National Meeting, Long Beach, California, 2006

Fleming, Ronald, Angelos Pagoulatos, and Rutherford Johnson. "Estimating the Willingness to Accept by Private Land Owners for Consumptive and Non-Consumptive Uses." W-1133 Regional Project Annual Meeting, San Antonio, Texas, February 2006; Kentucky Economic Association, Lexington, Kentucky, October 2005.

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